Audible – Not DRM-Free but Excellent Customer Support

The other day I came about to a small surprise. I format computers a lot so a lot of my licenses have to be re-activated with a new OS counted as a new computer.

Unfortunatly, Audible only allows a maximum of three computers to be activated at the same time. If you don’t purposely disactivate your account, it’ll stay activated and when you have it on three systems, whether you can activate them or not, you’re done for it.

Fortunately this isn’t much of an issue as you can call Audible anytime and they will reset your activated devices. I called and I was immediatly serviced by someone who looked like this is something that happens a lot of time. But he still remained very pleasent and knew exactly what was my problem, I’m guessing this isn’t the first time it happens.

So even though Audible books are DRMed and you can’t play them on incompatible devices, Audible supports its fare amount of MP3 players and they have great support. iTunes and iPods are the best for Audilbe of course.

Thank you Audible!

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